Art is something that has a universal appeal – the TYPE of art that different people like may vary, but art itself is something that everyone appreciates for the emotions that it evokes. Whether that is joy or sorrow, sadness, anger, happiness, peace, love or something else entirely, there is so much that can be shared and displayed through art.

Creating art is challenging, but everyone has the ability to tell some sort of story. For some people, that means painting or drawing, for others cross stitch, performance art, photography. There are as many mediums to explore as there are tastes. From building a website to creating a sculpture, or even creating a bowl out of clay, it’s all artistic expression, and it’s an added bonus if it doubles as having functionality.

Joining an art club can help you to show off your skills, and help you learn new skills too. It is a great way of finding new styles to play with, and it can be not just educational, but a nice social experience too. People from all walks of life appreciate art, so why not get to know them and share your common passion? It can be an affordable and accessible form of entertainment that is surprisingly satisfying too. Far less expensive than a night at the pub, and far more productive in many ways as well.